【Notification!】Holding of the 114th meeting in Kyoto or online will be decided until May 20. Updated information of the 114th SRD meeting is available at website.


The 114th SRD Meeting will be held at Kyoto University from 21st to 24th September 2021. The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to this SRD Annual Meeting. Updated information of the 114th SRD meeting is available at website for the 114th SRD meeting (Coming soon).

  1. Date
  2. Venue
  3. President
  4. Contact
  5. Registration fee
  6. Welcome reception
  7. Abstract submission
  8. Presentation methods
  9. Application qualification for award competition
  10. Access to the venue
  11. Day nursery
  12. Cloak
  13. Wi-Fi service
  14. Smoking area
  15. Other

The 114th SRD Meeting

  • 1. Date
  • 21st September 2021 (Tuesday) Business meetings
    22nd September 2021 (Wednesday) SRD Outstanding presentation award
    Councilors' meeting
    Luncheon seminar
    Oral presentations
    Young scientist-organized planning symposium
    23rd September 2021 (Thursday) Poster presentations (odd number)
    Oral presentations
    Public symposium
    Keynote lecture
    General meeting
    Lectures by SRD awardees
    Welcome reception
    24th September 2021 (Friday) Poster presentations (even number)
    Oral presentations
    Two committees

  • 2. Venue
  • Kyoto University, Yoshida Campus,
    Kitashirakawa Oiwake-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan

  • 3. President
  • Prof. Naojiro Minami
    (Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University)

  • 4. Contact
  • The 114th SRD Meeting Organizing Committee:
    Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University,
    Kitashirakawa Oiwake-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan
    Fax: +81-75-753-6329
    Executive director: Shuntaro Ikeda

  • 5. Registration fee
  • Honorary member Free
    Regular & Silver member Early-bird 8,000 yen, On-site 9,000 yen
    Student member Early-bird 3,000 yen, On-site 3,500 yen
    Non-member Early-bird 10,000 yen, On-site 10,000 yen

    Registration fees include a PDF file of the proceedings, and you can pay the fee through online registration system.

    Early Bird Registration Deadline: 13th August, 2021

  • To the resignation website
    Coming soon!

  • 6. Welcome reception
  • All attendees are welcomed to join the party, scheduled on 23rd September 18:45–20:45 at the Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall (Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8501)

    Participation fee (early-bird only) is;
    Honorary member Free
    Regular & Silver member 5,000 yen
    Student member 3,000 yen
    Non-member 7,000 yen

    You can pay the participation fee through the online registration system.
    We may cancel the welcome reception depending on the infection status of COVID-19.

    Early Bird Registration Deadline: 13th August, 2021

  • 7. Abstract submission
  • Opened from April 19th (Monday) JST 13:00 to May 28th (Friday) JST 13:00

    Abstracts for both regular presentation (oral or poster session) and those for competition for the SRD Outstanding Presentation Award (long version) must be submitted online by the presenters during the above-mentioned term. They must be written in English or Japanese. The first author and presenter must be a member of the SRD. For the membership registration process, please contact the SRD office ( Foreign first authors/presenters who belong to the institutions in abroad countries are exceptionally acceptable regardless of the SRD membership. Please note that the foreign first authors/presenters need to pay the early-bird registration fee in advance (Deadline: 13rd August, 2021).

    The title and abstract should be completed in English within 140 and 1720 letters including spaces, respectively (alternatively within 70 and 860 letters in Japanese). No figures and tables are acceptable. To apply for the competitive presentation for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award, an additional abstract (long version) for the primary evaluation MUST be prepared within 3200 letters (in English) and submitted online as an attached file. Figures and tables cannot be included in this formatted abstract.

     Sample Abstract (MS Word (17 KB) / PDF (145 KB)

    Please choose one of the following presentation format options as the presenter’s preference; 1) Oral presentation, 2) Poster presentation, or 3) Either presentation (although the applicant will accept oral or poster presentation according to SRD office decision) is preferred. If the presentation format needs to be changed, we will inform the presenter about the change.

  • To the abstract submission website

  • 8. Presentation methods
  • Oral presentations:10-min presentation with 5-min discussion will be allocated to each presentation. Several days prior to the presentation, each presenter should submit a PDF file for his/her presentation to the 114th SRD Meeting Organizing Committee via email ( Especially applicants for award competition are required to submit it by the due date. Otherwise (upon special request), his/her own laptop computer can be directly connected to on-site projector.

    Poster presentations: For each of even and odd numbered posters, 60-min discussion time will be allocated. Poster boards (appropriate for A0 size) and attaching materials will be prepared.

  • 9. Application qualification for award competition
  • The first author must be a regular or student member of the SRD at the time of abstract submission. The membership application is here. There are two separate categories (category 1 for student members and category 2 for young regular members) for the award competition. Age of candidates should be 32 or less as of 1st April 2021. No situation limited: e.g., salaried or unsalaried, regular staff or not, full-time or part-time worker, degree (bachelor, master or doctor). The person who engaged the position beside scientific activities can also apply. However, once awarded in the past, he/she cannot apply within the next 2 years. Application with substantially the same research that has previously received an award from any academic societies will not be accepted. The presentation or award will be revoked if you do not meet the application requirement.
    Evaluation: the abstracts (long version) prepared for the primary evaluation are assessed by several evaluators. The oral presentations selected by the primary evaluation of the abstract will be made by the first author in the session for the second evaluation, which will be held on 22nd September. The several presentations will finally be selected for the award by the evaluators (councilors of SRD).
    Note: For the detailed information, please see the SRD presentation award 2021

    Presentation Award application form (Word)

  • 10. Access to the venue
  • For the transportation to “Kyoto University Yoshida Campus”, please visit the following website:

  • 11. Day nursery
  • A day nursery is available from 21st to 24th September. Reservation is required. Childcare fee will be ¥1,500/h (tentative).
    Participants who want to use, please contact to executive secretariat (

  • 12. Cloak
  • Cloak will be available.

  • 13. Wi-Fi service
  • Eduroam is available at the venue.

  • 14. Smoking area
  • Smoking is not allowed except in designated areas.

  • 15. Other
  • Details of the content will be announced on this website and the website dedicated to the 114th Annual meeting (Coming soon).