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The Journal of Reproduction and Development (JRD) is an international, peer-reviewed Open Access publication, and the official journal of the Society for Reproduction and Development. In six issues per year, JRD publishes basic studies of reproductive biology in vertebrates, including gametogenesis, early embryonic development, placenta development, implantation, reproductive endocrine function and reproductive organ development. JRD also welcomes applied and clinical studies that contribute to the control of reproduction in wild, domestic and laboratory animals, and to the development of new technology to address issues in the field of reproduction. Human clinical case reports are not published by the journal.

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The endometrial surface is required to reject attachment of exogenous undesirable substances such as pathogens, while occasionally shifting properties to allow physical interaction with an embryo to support a successful pregnancy. Kubota et al. reported that MUC1, a potent inhibitor of cellular contact via its large extracellular glycoprotein domain, localizes to the apical surface of bovine endometrium (upper panel, green staining). This MUC1 barrier can be removed in response to steroid signaling at receptive phase and during pregnancy (lower panel), as revealed by immunohistochemistry (p. 386–391). Red signal (pseudo-color) represents DAPI-stained nuclei. Interestingly, MUC1 expression is elevated in the endometrium of cows with a long postpartum interval, which is a known risk for reducing female fertility. Thus, this observation is consistent with the proposed anti-attachment role of MUC1. These results suggest that MUC1 regulation plays a role in endometrial homeostasis and embryo implantation, and its negative correlation with fertility may be used as a diagnostic of reproductive efficiency.

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  • Impact factor 2.214 (July 2021)
  • Most cited article published in 2018-2019
      Mancozeb impairs the ultrastructure of mouse granulosa cells in a dose-dependent manner. Palmerini MG et al., vol 64, 75-82 (2018).
  • Most viewed article in 2020 (PMC)
      Sperm storage in the female reproductive tract in birds.Sasanami T et al., vol 59, 334-338 (2013)
  • Most viewed article in October 2021 (J-STAGE)
      Supplementing media with NAD+ precursors enhances the in vitro maturation of porcine oocytes. POLLARD CL et al. Vol 67, 319-326 (2021)
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