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The Journal of Reproduction and Development (JRD) is an international, peer-reviewed Open Access publication, and the official journal of the Society for Reproduction and Development. In six issues per year, JRD publishes basic studies of reproductive biology in vertebrates, including gametogenesis, early embryonic development, placenta development, implantation, reproductive endocrine function and reproductive organ development. JRD also welcomes applied and clinical studies that contribute to the control of reproduction in wild, domestic and laboratory animals, and to the development of new technology to address issues in the field of reproduction. Human clinical case reports are not published by the journal.

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Cluster of differentiation 9 (CD9) and sex-determining region Y-box 2 (SOX2) positive cells are stem/progenitor cells for hormone-producing cells in the anterior lobe (AL) of the rat pituitary gland. They are located in the marginal cell layer (MCL) facing the Rathke’s cleft between the AL and intermediate lobe (IL) and the parenchyma of the AL. Horiguchi et al. reported that CD9/SOX2-positive stem cells in the AL-side MCL have potential to supply growth hormone (GH) cells when the increase in GH cell population is required, and the AL parenchyma cells may respond to the demand of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) cell supply in the adult pituitary. (Horiguchi et al. Fluctuation of CD9/SOX2-positive cell population during turnover of GH- and TSH-producing cells in adult anterior pituitary gland, pp. 308–316). These findings may provide one of the mechanisms by which hormone producing cells form from adult stem cells in the pituitary.

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  • Most viewed article in March 2023 (J-STAGE)
      Kimiko INOUE
    Mouse somatic cell nuclear transfer: what has changed and remained unchanged in 25 years.
    Article ID: 2022-105
      Views: 205
  • JRD Outstanding Paper Award in 2022 Congratulations!
    • Shinya IKEDA:
      Disruption of piRNA machinery by deletion of ASZ1/GASZ results in the expression of aberrant chimeric transcripts in gonocytes. Vol.68(2): 125–136.
      Adenovirus-mediated gene delivery restores fertility in congenitally infertile female mice. Vol. 68(6): 369–376.
    • Yuhei KOGASAKA:
      Generation of germ cell-deficient pigs by NANOS3 knockout. Vol. 68(6): 361–368.
    • Tomohiro KOHAMA:
      In vitro production of viable eggs from isolated mouse primary follicles by successive culture. Vol. 68(1): 38–44.
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