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The Journal of Reproduction and Development (JRD) is an international, peer-reviewed Open Access publication, and the official journal of the Society for Reproduction and Development. In six issues per year, JRD publishes basic studies of reproductive biology in vertebrates, including gametogenesis, early embryonic development, placenta development, implantation, reproductive endocrine function and reproductive organ development. JRD also welcomes applied and clinical studies that contribute to the control of reproduction in wild, domestic and laboratory animals, and to the development of new technology to address issues in the field of reproduction. Human clinical case reports are not published by the journal.

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Chemokines are known to regulate various reproductive functions, such as regulation of corpus luteum (CL) and uterine functions in cows. However, the role of chemokines in pregnancy has not yet been fully elucidated. Sakumoto summarized and reviewed the literature on chemokine (-receptor) expression and its physiological roles in the bovine CL and uterus during pregnancy (Sakumoto R. Role of chemokines in regulating luteal and uterine functions in pregnant cows, pp. 145–151). This review will help understand the mechanisms of chemokine-mediated interactions among the CL, uterus, immune cells, and conceptus during pregnancy in cows.

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  • Impact factor 2.215 (July 2022)
  • Days to the First Decision (all manuscripts): 21 days (2023)
  • The publication fees (in the case that US$ 1 is 150 JPY)
      Original Articles: 110,000 JPY (US$ 733)
      Technology Reports: 63,000 JPY (US$ 420)
      Reviews: 110,000 JPY (US$ 733)
      Opinions and Hypotheses: 63,000 JPY (US$ 420)
      There are no charges for publication of Color Figures and Supplementary Material.
  • Most viewed articles in March 2024 (Top 3 articles of JRD, J-STAGE)
    Kyoko KAWAHATA
    Bovine early pregnancy factor in recipient serum with embryo transfer on the day more than 5 days different from the estrus cycle of donor.
    DOI:   Views: 345
    Takehiko OGAWA
    Improvements in in vitro spermatogenesis: oxygen concentration, antioxidants, tissue-form design, and space control.
    Views: 175
    Ryutaro AIZAWA
    Lipid droplet formation is spatiotemporally regulated in oocytes during follicular development in mice.
    Views: 167
  • JRD Outstanding Paper Award in 2023 Congratulations!
    • Hiroshi YOMOGITA
      A possible function of Nik-related kinase in the labyrinth layer of delayed delivery mouse placentas.
      Vol. 69(1): 32–40. DOI:
    • Takuto YAMAMOTO
      A more accurate analysis of maternal effect genes by siRNA electroporation into mouse oocytes.
      Vol. 69(2): 118–124. DOI:
    • Satoshi FUNAYA
      Involvement of linker histone variant H1a in the regulation of early preimplantation development in mice.
      Vol. 69(3): 178–182. DOI:
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