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The Journal of Reproduction and Development (JRD) is an international, peer-reviewed Open Access publication, and the official journal of the Society for Reproduction and Development. In six issues per year, JRD publishes basic studies of reproductive biology in vertebrates, including gametogenesis, early embryonic development, placenta development, implantation, reproductive endocrine function and reproductive organ development. JRD also welcomes applied and clinical studies that contribute to the control of reproduction in wild, domestic and laboratory animals, and to the development of new technology to address issues in the field of reproduction. Human clinical case reports are not published by the journal.

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In mammalian female reproduction, primordial follicles serve as stores to sustain the ovulation cycle. Regulations of primordial follicle development, activation, and dormancy in mice are summarized in a review by Nagamatsu (p. 189–195). The importance of mechanical stress, especially extracellular matrix (ECM)-mediated pressure, for the maintenance of primordial follicle dormancy was recently demonstrated. Primordial follicles treated with collagenase, trypsin, and knockout serum replacement (KSR) (this mixture called CTK) to digest ECM were examined by immunohistochemistry. Ovaries treated solely with phosphate-buffered saline displayed primordial follicles composed of flat granulosa cells and complex stress fibers, as revealed by phalloidin. In contrast, CTK treatment resulted in fewer stress fibers and cuboidal-shaped granulosa cells, suggesting oocyte activation.

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  • Impact factor 2.214 (July 2021)
  • Most cited article published in 2018-2019
      Mancozeb impairs the ultrastructure of mouse granulosa cells in a dose-dependent manner. Palmerini MG et al., vol 64, 75-82 (2018).
  • Most viewed article in 2020 (PMC)
      Sperm storage in the female reproductive tract in birds.Sasanami T et al., vol 59, 334-338 (2013)
  • MostMost viewed article in June 2021 (J-stage)
      Green Fluorescent Protein as a Novel Vital Marker in Transgenic Mouse. Okabe M et al., Vol 43 j19-j25 (1997)
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