• Welcome message
  • The 116th SRD Meeting Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the SRD Annual Meeting. The meeting will be held at Kobe University, Faculty of Agriculture Campus from 24th to 27th September 2023. Since the COVID-19 will be classified into “Class V Infectious Diseases” under the law on 8th May, we are preparing for an on-site meeting after a long interval. In this meeting, all presentations will be oral presentations. All the staff are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting and welcome reception.
  • Chair, 116th Annual Meeting
    Prof. Hiroshi Harayama
    Laboratory of Reproductive Biology and Developmental Biotechnology
    Graduate School of Agricultural Science
    Kobe University

  • Dates and Venue
  • The 116th Annual Meeting
  • Dates: September 24th (Sun)-27th (Wed), 2023
  • Venue: Kobe University, Faculty of Agriculture (1-1 Rokkodai-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-8501,Japan)
  • Chair: Hiroshi Harayama
  • Vice-Chair: Mitsuhiro Sakase

  • Contact
  • The 116th SRD Meeting Organizing Committee:
  • Laboratory of Reproductive Biology and Developmental Biotechnology, Graduate School of Agricultural Science,
  • Kobe University , Fax: +81-78-803-5807
  • Office: Jibak Lee (Chief), Hirohisa Kyogoku

  • Program
  • Sep 23th (Sat) Business meetings, Councilor meeting
    Sep 24th (Sun) Public symposium
    Sep 25th (Mon) SRD Outstanding presentation award,
    Luncheon seminar, Oral presentations, Symposium,
    Young scientist-organized symposium
    Sep 26th (Tue) Oral presentations, Luncheon seminar, Educational lectures,
    General meeting, Lectures by SRD awardees, Reception
    Sep 27th (Wed) Oral presentations

  • Registration
  • Registration fees include the proceedings (PDF). The deadline for registration is Aug 12th 2023. The deadline for registration is postponed to Aug 25th 2023.
  • Early-bird
    Honorary member Free
    Regular & Silver member, Sponsoring company 8,000 yen
    Student member 3,000 yen
    Non-member 10,000 yen

  • To the resignation website

  • Abstract submission
  •   Opened April 10th (Mon) JST 13:00 to May 17th (Wed) JST 17:00  
  • ・Abstract submissions are welcome for regular presentations (oral presentation) and competition for the SRD Outstanding Presentation Award (oral presentation)
  • ・Tentative schedule: April 10th (Mon) to May 17th (Wed)
  • ・Abstracts for both regular presentation (oral presentation) and competition for the SRD Outstanding Presentation Award (oral presentation) must be submitted during the above-mentioned term.
  • ・The abstract must be written in English or Japanese
  • ・The first author and speaker must be a member of the SRD.
  • ・For the membership registration process, please contact the SRD office (
  • ・Foreign first authors/presenters who belong to institutions in abroad countries are exceptionally acceptable regardless of the SRD membership. Please note that the foreign first authors/presenters need to contact the 116th SRD Meeting Committee ( by Aug 29th 2023 and pay the early-bird registration fee at the reception desk on the days of the 116th SRD Meeting.

  • To the abstract submission website

  • ・The title and abstract should be completed in English within 140 and 1720 letters including spaces, respectively (alternatively within 70 and 860 letters in Japanese) (A sample is here). No figures and tables are acceptable.
  • ・To apply for the competitive presentation for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award, an additional abstract (long version) for the primary evaluation MUST be prepared within 3200 letters (in English) and submitted online as an attached file (Click here to download the template). Figures and tables cannot be included in this formatted abstract.
  • ・Please select the category in the table below in which you wish to present your presentation.

  • Major category Subcategory
    Endocrinology Neuroendocrinology, Endocrine system, Hypothalamic hormone, Pituitary hormone, Gonadal hormone, Growth factor, Receptor/Signal transduction, Endocrine disrupting chemical, Others
    Ovary/Oocyte Oogenesis, Meiosis, Follicle development/atresia, Ovulation, Corpus luteum formation, Luteolysis, Others
    Testis/Sperm Spermatogenesis, Sertoli cell/Leydig cell, Sperm motility/sperm metabolism, Capacitation/Acrosome reaction, Epididymis/Accessory gland/Seminal plasma, Others
    Fertilization/Development Oocyte maturation, Fertilization, Early embryo development, Early embryo, Totipotency, Pluripotency, Differentiation, Cell fate determination, Primordial germ cell, Others
    Reproductive cycle/Pregnancy Uterus, oviduct, Placenta(desidua), Embryo/Fetus, Implantation, Pregnancy immunology, Pregnancy maintenance (endocrine), Parturition, Mammary gland, Estrous cycle, Seasonal breeding, Sex behavior, Others
    Reproductive engineering In vitro fertilization, Nuclear transfer/Cloning, Transgenic animal, Epigenetics, Stem cell, Embryo manipulation, Embryo transfer, Others
    Clinical and applied reproduction Artificial insemination, Cryopreservation, Embryo transfer, Parturition and perinatal care, Reproductive diseases and disorders, Contraceptive technology, Reproductive management, Nutritional and environmental management, Others

  • Presentation methods
  • ・Oral presentations: 10-min presentation with 5-min discussion will be allocated to each presentation. Several days before the presentation, each presenter should submit a PDF file for his/her presentation to the 116th SRD Meeting Organizing Committee via email ( Especially applicants for the award competition are required to submit it by the due date. Otherwise (upon special request), his/her laptop computer can be directly connected to the on-site projector.

  • Application qualification for the award competition
  • The first author must be a regular or student member of the SRD at the time of abstract submission. The membership application is here. There are 2 separate categories (category 1 for student members and category 2 for young regular members) for the award competition. The age of candidates should be 32 or less as of 1st April 2023. No situation limited: e.g., salaried or unsalaried, regular staff or not, full-time or part-time worker, degree (bachelor, master or doctor). The person who engaged in the position besides scientific activities can also apply. However, once awarded in the past, he/she cannot apply within the next 2 years. Application with substantially the same research that has previously received an award from any other academic societies will not be accepted. The presentation or award will be revoked if you do not meet the application requirement.
  • Evaluation: the abstracts (long version) prepared for the primary evaluation are assessed by several evaluators. The oral presentations selected by the primary evaluation of the abstract will be made by the first author in the session for the second evaluation, which will be held on September 25th, 2023. The several presentations will finally be selected for the award by the evaluators (councilors of SRD).
    Note: For detailed information, please see the SRD presentation award 2023.
    Presentation Award application form (Word)

  • Access to the venue
  • For the transportation to “Kobe University, Faculty of Agriculture Campus”, please visit the following website: