The 109th SRD Annual Meeting will be held at Azabu University, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, on September 11−15, 2015. We are pleased to invite you to the SRD meeting, and SRD members are encouraged to present research findings in oral (10 min presentation with 5 min for discussion) and poster (2 h on the day of their presentation) sessions. The organizing members and associated program committees have planned two regular symposia and one workshop. In the open seminar, entitled: “Animal Reproduction Related to the Novel Prize”, researches on advanced reproduction will be discussed to allow the public a chance to consider the importance of reproduction, reproductive technologies and contribution of SRD to human life. We encourage all attendees to take the fullest advantage of this opportunity to share ideas across animals and specific interests, talk with each other in person, and make new acquaintances at Sagamihara in the early autumn.

  1. Date
  2. Location
  3. President
  4. Contact
  5. Registration Fee
  6. Get-Together Party
  7. Abstract submission for regular presentations and competitive presentations for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award
  8. Categories for abstract submission
  9. Qualification and Evaluation for Competitive presentation for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award
  10. Presentation Methods
  11. Luncheon seminar for gender equality
  12. Open Seminar for Citizens
  13. Symposium and Workshop
  14. Nursery Room
  15. Access to Azabu University
  16. Further information

The 109th SRD Meeting

  • 1. Date
  • September 11 (Sun), 2016 2016 Directors’ meeting
    Committee meetings
    Councilors’ meeting
    Open seminar for Citizens (in Japanese)
    September 12 (Mon), 2016 2016 Oral/Poster competitive presentations for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award
    Regular presentations (oral and poster presentations)
    September 13 (Tue), 2016 2016 Regular presentations (oral and poster presentations)
    General meeting
    SRD award presentations
    Luncheon seminar for gender equality
    Ceremony for SRD Outstanding Presentation Awards
    Get-together party
    September 14 (Wed), 2016 2016 Regular presentations (oral and poster presentations)
    Luncheon seminar
    September 15 (Thu), 2016 Workshop

  • 2. Location
  • Azabu University
    1-17-71 Fuchinobe, Chuo-Ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa.

  • 3. President: Mariko Shirota

  • 4. Contact
  • The 109th SRD Meeting Organizing Office: Laboratory of Animal Reproduction, School of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University

    President: Mariko Shirota (Azabu University)
    Secretary: Naomi Kashiwazaki (Azabu University)

  • 5. Registration Fee
  • Honorary member Free
    Regular & Silver member 5,000 yen (early application)
    6,000 yen (at the registration desk)
    Student member 3,000 yen (early application)
    3,500 yen (at the registration desk)
    Non-member 8,000 yen

    Registration fees include a printed copy of the proceedings, and they will be payable online.
    To the resignation website
    Registration fee and Get-Together-Party fee are payable by this online registration system. An abstract book is included in the registration fee. The persons who had paid early application fee will receive the abstract book in advance by postage. Please receive your name card at the registration desk. Regular members will receive an abstract book in advance regardless of the payment of the registration fee.

  • 6. Get-Together Party
  • Location: Terrace Ichou
    Date & time: September 13 (Tue); 18:00–20:30
    Both SRD members and non-members will be welcome to the party. We are pleased to invite all attendees to join us to enjoy foods and drinks and to deepen our friendship in the party

    Participation fee
    Honorary member Free (Please register in advance in the website)
    Regular and Silver member 5,000 yen (early application)
    7,000 yen (at the registration desk)
    Student member 2,500 yen (early application)
    3,000 yen (at the registration desk)
    Non-member 7,000 yen (early application)
    8,000 yen (at the registration desk)

  • 7. Abstract submission for regular presentations and competitive presentations for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award
  • Open May 20 (Fri), 2016 14:00 (JST)
    Close June 15 (Wed), 2016
    Close June 16 (Thu), 2016
    14:00 (JST)

    Abstracts for regular presentations and competitive presentations (for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award) must be submitted online during the above-mentioned term. They must be written in English or Japanese. After the successful submission of the abstract, confirmation mail will be sent to the author. Please use reliable e-mail address for the correspondence to minimize errors. We do not recommend use of a free mail address (hotmail, yahoo, Gmail etc.) or those for mobile phones. If you have any difficulty in abstract submission, please contact the Meeting Organizing Office (

    Each presenter will be able to present only one abstract regardless of the presentation format (oral or poster). Multiple abstracts with the same first author cannot be accepted. Abstracts for regular presentation must be submitted online either by the presenter or by a corresponding author. Abstracts for competitive presentation for the SRD Outstanding Presentation Award must be submitted online only by the presenter (applicant) with selecting oral, poster, or either presentation for the award. A Japanese presenter (or a foreign student or a researcher in Japan) of regular or competitive presentation must be a SRD member (honorary, regular, silver or student member). Thus, we would like to ask Japanese presenters who are not SRD members to apply for the membership before the deadline of abstract submission. Please note that the student membership needs annual renewal. For applying for or renewing the membership, please visit our SRD web site (in Japanese) or contact the SRD office (
    Presenters (including the foreign attendees from overseas) other than Japanese presenters (including foreign students and researchers in Japan) are not required to have a SRD membership to present their abstract at the meeting.

    According to the author instruction in the submission page, title and abstract should be completed in English within 140 and 1720 letters including spaces, respectively (alternatively within 70 and 860 letters in Japanese). No figures and tables are acceptable. To apply for the competitive presentation for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award (the section of oral presentation), an additional abstract (long version) for the primary evaluation MUST be prepared within 3200 letters (in English) and submitted online as an attached file. Figures and tables cannot be included in this formatted abstract. For the applicants to the competitive presentation for the award (the section of poster presentation), however, it is NOT necessary to submit any additional abstract. Please submit your abstract as early as possible. Submission tasks in the server system will be busy just before the deadline; this may result in taking long time to complete abstract submission or unexpected errors in the submission procedure.

    Please choose one of the following presentation format options as the presenter’s preference; 1) Oral presentation, 2) Poster presentation, or 3) Either presentation (although the applicant will accept oral or poster presentation according to SRD office decision) is preferred. The prescribed number of oral regular presentations is approximately 80, though that of poster presentation is not determined yet. If the number of the applicants to the presentation in the oral or poster session becomes more than the prescribed numbers, the SRD office should change the presentation formats (oral or poster presentation) despite of selection of the applicants. If the presentation format needs to be changed, we will inform the applicants about the change.


  • 8. Categories for abstract submission
  • Please select the research category (major- and sub-classifications) for an abstract submission in both regular presentations and those for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award.

    Endocrinology Neuroendocrinology, Endocrine system, Hypothalamic hormone, Pituitary hormone, Gonadal hormone, Growth factor, Receptor/Signal transduction, Endocrine disrupting chemical, Others.
    Ovary Follicle development/atresia, Ovulation, Corpus luteum formation, Luteolysis, Others.
    Testis/Sperm Spermatogenesis, Sertoli cell/Leydig cell, Sperm motility/Sperm metabolism, Capacitation/Acrosome reaction, Epididymis/Accessory gland/ Seminal plasma, Others.
    Egg/Fertilization Oocyte/Egg, Oocyte maturation, Fertilization, Early embryo, Primordial germ cell, Meiosis, Others.
    Reproductive cycle/Pregnancy Uterus, Placenta (desidua), Embryo/Fetus, Implantation, Pregnancy immunology, Pregnancy maintenance (endocrine).
    Reproductive engineering In vitro fertilization, ICSI, Nuclear transfer, Cloning, Transgenic animal, Genomic imprinting, Epigenetics, Stem cell, Others.
    Clinical and applied reproduction Artificial insemination, Cryopreservation, Embryo transfer, Parturition and perinatal care, Reproductive diseases and disorders, Contraceptive technology, Reproductive management, Nutritional and environmental management, Others.

  • 9. Qualification and Evaluation for Competitive presentation for SRD Outstanding Presentation Award
  • Qualification: Anyone who is 32 years old or younger as of April 1, 2016 (Born on or after 2nd of April, 1983) is eligible for Competitive presentation regardless of his/her job situation, studentship and academic degree: e.g., salaried or unsalaried, regular staff or not, full or part time, degree (bachelor, master, or doctor). Persons who engage in tasks other than scientific activities can also apply. However, once awarded in the past, he/she cannot apply within 2 years. This means that the award winners at the 107th meeting in Obihiro or the 108th meeting in Miyazaki cannot apply this year at the 109th meeting in Sagamihra.
    Evaluation: In oral presentation section, the abstracts (long version) prepared for the primary evaluation are assessed by several evaluators. The oral presentations selected by the primary evaluation of the abstract will be made by the first author in the session for the 2nd evaluation, which will be held on September 12 (Mon). The several presentations will finally be selected for the award by the evaluators (councilors of SRD). In poster presentation section, all presentations (including discussion) will be evaluated in the poster session which will be held in September 12 (Mon), and some of them will be awarded.
    Note: For the detailed information, please visit the ‘Aim of SRD Outstanding Presentation Award and the Evaluation Procedure (in Japanese)’ in the abstract submission website.

  • 10. Presentation Methods
  • Oral presentation: Presentation 10 min plus Discussion 5 min. Windows PC will be prepared for the presentation. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 (Windows) will be installed. If you make a file in another version, please make sure in advance that it runs without any problem in the PCs in the venue. Please bring your own file to the registration desk with a USB flash memory or a CD-R.
    Poster presentation: Poster boards about 90 cm wide and 180 cm height are planned to be prepared.

  • 11. Luncheon seminar for gender equality
  • Date & time: September 13 (Tue); 12:00–13:00
    SRD committee for promotion of gender equality has planned luncheon seminar to provide the opportunity to consider the significance of gender equality. We encourage attendees to join this seminar to share ideas about gender equality across ages and the current situations.

  • 12. Open Seminar for Citizens
  • Location: Lecture-hall, Azabu University
    Date & time: September 11 (Sun); 10:00-13:00
    “Reproductive Biology related to the Novel Prize”, research on advanced reproduction will be discussed to allow the public a chance to consider the importance of reproduction, reproductive technologies and contribution of SRD to human life. The seminar will be operated in Japanese.

    Invited speakers
    Dr Ayako ISOTANI (Osaka University)
    Dr Kei MIYAMOTO (Kinki University)
    Dr Keisuke OKITA (Kyoto University)
    Dr Yasuyuki MIO (Mio Fertility Clinic)

  • 13. Symposium and Workshop
  • Date:September 14 (Wed) and 15 (Thu)

  • 14. Nursery Room
  • We provide a nursery room for the participants who plan to visit the meeting venue with children. Nursery staffs will take care of the children. If you would like to use this service, or have questions about this matter, please contact the meeting organizing office in advance.

  • 15. Access to Azabu University
  • For the location of Azabu University and transportation guidance, please visit the following website (URL):

  • 16. Further information
  • We will provide more information in Circular 3 in August, 2016.