Award 2015

The Society for Reproduction and Development (SRD) is pleased to announce the Awardees of “Journal of Reproduction and Development (JRD) Outstanding Paper Award in 2015.” The JRD Outstanding Paper Award is given to the first authors of the papers that showed the most outstanding research outcomes during the volume year. The Awardees will be presented the certificate of commendation and monetary prize of 30,000 Japanese yen. The JRD Editorial Board carefully reviewed the papers and determined the Awardees in 2015. The Awardees and the titles of the papers selected are as follows (in alphabetical order).

Naïve-like conversion enhances the difference in innate in vitro
differentiation capacity between rabbit ES cells and iPS cells
J. Reprod. Dev. 61 (1): 13–19, 2015
Masatoshi OOGA
Involvement of histone H2B monoubiquitination in the regulation of mouse preimplantation development
J. Reprod. Dev. 61 (3): 179–184, 2015
Kosuke OTAKA
Distribution of the sex chromosome during mouse spermatogenesis in
testis tissue sections
J. Reprod. Dev. 61 (5): 375–381, 2015
Takashi TANAKA
Pluripotent cell derivation from male germline cells by suppression of Dmrt1 and Trp53
J. Reprod. Dev. 61 (5): 473–484, 2015